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Sri Bala Chandra Menon
Founder - Vallabhatta Kalari


Vallabhatta Kalari

The dazzling strikes, vigorous kicks, breathtaking leaps and choreographed sparring of Kalaripayattu performances receive enthusiastic reception from worldwide audiences today. This celebrated martial art of Kerala was originally practiced by the hereditary warriors of the region. The inherent beauty of this art from lies in the harmonious synergy of art science and medicine. Flexibility and strength attained over years of training and practice, empty hand techniques, weaponry, traditional treatments, and above all a philosophy based on the Vedic concepts makes Kalari the most complete system of martial training.

Vallabhatta Kalari sangh was established by Sri Bala Chandra Menon in Chittur Palakkaad District, Kerala State. In late 70s to train students in Kalaripayattu. Sri. Bala Chandra menon learnt Kalari from Sri. C. Sankara Narayana Menon Gurukkal of Chawagat District of Trichur.

Late Mr. R.V.T Mani is one of the pioneers of Kerate in India and founder of the Budokai Karate Do training school in Chennai. Renshi Mani had Initial training in Kalari Martial art from Sri. BalaChandra Menon in Vallabhatta kalari Sangh before he moved on to training in other forms of Martial arts like Karate. He is a 5th Degree Black belt holder.

Sri. P Chandramohan has learnt Kalari from his father Late Sri Balachandra Menon in Vallabhatta Kalari Sangh and performed and received recognitions for the same.Mr. Chandramohan continues the tradition of training aspiring students in the martial art form called Kalari.

Kalari is a traditional Indian Martial art and is considered as a the mother of all Martial arts. There are innumerable benefits one can gain from learning Kalari, including physical strength, flexibility, focus and concentration and spiritual elevation. With a strong motivation to preserve this wonderful art form, Mr. Chandramohan is dedicated to teaching Kalari, keeping it alive and reaching it out to as many students as possible. He started training students from 1985 under the guidance of his father and has been training students independently since 1990. He has coached more than 100 people and currently training more than 30 students in different parts of Bangalore.